Difference between Horror, Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Films

Horror films are not the same as mystery films. Likewise, the mystery film with a thriller. What actually distinguishes between these films? Let us discuss this.

The first is a horror film. Horror is supernatural things. Then is horror synonymous with mystical? Not really. In addition to ghosts, there are also horror films that feature vampires, werewolves, zombies, monsters, demons, and other creatures. More or less horror that there are creatures killer, besides humans of course.

Next, mystery film. Actually, the mystery film is not related to the supernatural, supernatural or mystical world, but there are also mystery films that include mystical elements in it. Overall, mystery films can be said to be investigative films, because usually, the protagonist tries to learn the background and all the knowledge about the ongoing events, such as crime (whether murder, theft, kidnapping, etc.).

Next is a thriller. Actually this thriller is slightly different from mystery. The difference is, if the mystery plays more brains, then in the thriller the protagonist more life-threatening actions. In other words, to make this thriller easier, it’s tenser than the mystery film. The difference is again with a horror film, usually, the protagonist is a human being, not a supernatural being like horror. Perhaps you need to learn more about thriller movie genre by watching those thriller movies directly on https://www.gamesradar.com/best-horror-movies/.

Finally, there is suspense. It is also difficult to define this type of film. But in general, this suspense film puts forward the side of the story, so that the audience feels curious about the next scene. Usually, the ending will not be unexpected by the audience. From this, the question arises, then what’s the difference between mystery and suspense? For convenience, we take the example of the murder scene. In mystery films, murder almost always occurs at the beginning of the story, the audience is always a step behind the villain.

For suspense, often the identity of the villain is known from the beginning of the story, and the audience already knows a few steps ahead of the main character, usually, in suspense, there are always female characters in danger.

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