Films that Only Set in One Place

A film usually takes a variety of places in each scene. But there are also some films that take settings or places that are ‘narrow’, aka only one place without taking another place as the setting of the scene. Here are some films that are only set in one place, reported from various sources.

1. Devil (2010)
This film tells the story of a group of people trapped in an elevator or elevator. What they don’t know is that there is one ‘demon’ among them. From the synopsis, it can be seen that the setting of this film is only one, namely in the elevator. Nevertheless, this film is quite exciting to watch.

2. Frozen (2010)
Don’t get confused with Disney’s “Frozen” animation. “Frozen” here is a thriller, where three people who ride a ski lift suddenly have to get stuck in the middle because the elevator stops operating. This film only takes place in the ski lift that they are riding on. Of course, this film is given the spices of the thriller to be interesting to watch.

3. Buried (2010)
After the Iraqi attack, a US contractor suddenly woke up in a chest buried in the ground. Now he must fight to survive in there with only armed with a lighter and a cellphone. You could say this film is the ‘narrowest’ film because it only takes place in the chest where the main character is located.

4. Exam
A group of people was successfully summoned to do the final stage of the work test. But what they faced there was not an ordinary work test, but a puzzle that they had to solve, and later cause conflicts between them if they wanted to graduate. The film is set only in the room where they conduct tests that can be said to be strange, without any other place.

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